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Hello dear people, I am back! As there is so much to share with you all, I decided to organize my time better to be able to squeeze in a post as and when possible and share my incredible experiences here. One such possibility presented itself today when we had a longer than usual lunch break. So here I am!

The first few days of Upa Yoga training sounded easier than practice. These are simple yoga practices that can be done by anyone anytime as long as the stomach condition is light. Today is day three and we are rubbing ourselves with this special oil (Dhanwanthram Thailam) to ease our aches and pains. The many hours of continuous sitting in Ardha Siddhasana with Sadhguru during The Lap of the Master program, for two days prior to the start of the Hatha Yoga training, made us a fidgety lot!

Whenever we hear the yoga padhi playing on the speakers we know its time to get to the Adi Yogi Alayam for our class. So much so, I heard it now as I was writing this and in a confused dizzy ran to see if I might have made a mistake in calculating my break, only to find my fellow Hatha yogis just as confused standing in the corridor looking about for some explanation. Then it was clarified that the sounds of yoga padhi were coming from the different class being conducted at the  Adi Yogi Alayam. That explains our longer lunch break. With a relief, we all retreated back into our rooms to rest before our next session.

We have two practice sessions and two informational sessions per day. We have been provided with personal lockers in the Adi Yogi Alayam to make it easy to store our mats and save us the hassle of lugging it back and forth from our cottages.

My Alayam cottage is conveniently located just at the entrance to the Adi Yogi Alayam and it takes me 4 minutes to get to my spot from my room, 3 if I scurry!

The menfolk, on the contrary, are put up in Nandi Sthanam and are a 10-minute bicycle ride away from the Alayam. I am glad I am a woman! Ha!

More about food, Devi temple, Dhyana Linga, Pepper vine (restaurant), Adi Yogi, etc coming up in future posts.

Until then sending you all love and ease from Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, India.



It’s time to be ON !

It has already been a week since I arrived here at Isha Yoga Center. It has been incredible celebrating Guru Purnima, with Sadhguru, in the presence of magnificent Adiyogi, on a full moon day that also happened to be eclipsed for about 6 hours.

Day 1 of training is tomorrow. It’s a packed schedule. I am writing this in a rush to get to bed on time!

5.30 Guru pooja

5.45 – 9 30 our first session of the day.

10.00 – brunch

11.30-12.30 – session

1 00 – snack

2.00 – Study

3.30- 6.00 practice

7.00 – Dinner

9.30 – Bed time

I realize now that the only way I can make this work is to give in to the process completely! As my guru says the only way to be a Hata yogi is to be joy full, devoted and committed!

So I have to take leave from blogging! I will post after the course with lot of details, I promise.

Rushing off for now. Love you all! Keep me in your thoughts while I dive into this challenge joyfully with devotion and commitment.

It’s time to be ON!

I believe I have arrived!

Isha Yoga Center. Magnificent! Brilliant! Lush! Every space boasts of an organic design incorporating raw granite, bamboo and exposed bricks. Corridors of tall lush coconut trees elegantly bearing the weight of coconut clusters leads up to the Alayam cottages where I make my home for the next 5 months.

Weather was soothingly cool when I arrived and the sudden gusts of wind knocked off my sun hat many a times leaving me to chase after it!

I have been to Coimbatore often but never noticed as many donkeys as I did this time. No! I do not mean those two blokes trying to take a selfie while riding on a motorcycle !! I mean real donkeys walking around in pairs.

I was even more surprised to see vineyards advertising grapes for sale on the way to the Ashram.

Since photography is not encouraged in the Ashram I will stick to discreet ones. Please check out the Gallery for updated photos.


The journey begins

Hot, crispy, crunchy Medhu Vadais!

Fortified with Ammas Medhu Vadais , pongal and sambar and armed with gazillion tons of love from family and friends, I am on my way to the airport to board my flight to Coimbatore.

Feeling anxious and nervous about the unknown! Looking forward to post that I need not have worried after all!

Going bananas!

Crispy banana blossom vadai served on banana leaf!

It’s been four days since I reached Chennai.

Disclaimer: I am sitting around eating all sorts of exotic South Indian food ONLY to please my Amma. I might resemble a lazy bum but rest assured I am not! I am very very active…….albeit in my mind, planning and strategizing how to eat in strategic intervals so as to cover all items made by my Amma and to satisfy her expectations in terms of quantity consumed!

Love on a banana leaf

 That’s it! I am in heaven. I am in bliss!


I am still in Chennai being thoroughly spoilt by my Amma!. The best lunch ever served lovingly on a banana leaf! How my Amma manages to create this super healthy, fresh, vegetarian culinary extravaganza every single day I know not!. In my defense, I do know how to eat it. That’s my story and I am sticking to it! 

Mixed veg Kurma and Idiyappam (string hoppers)

Beans and carrot poriyal

Keerai kootu (sauteed greens with lentils)

Peerkangai kootu (ridge gourd with lentils)

Vazhai poo poriyal (sauteed banana flower with lentils) 

Vathal Kuzhambhu ( no idea how to describe this!)

Tomato Rasam

Homemade buttermilk


All the above served with an additional two maybe three dollops of pure love!